Green Canyon and Lake Lengkong Panjalu

Cukang Taneuh, which is original name for Green Canyon, is located in the village of Kertayasa, Cijulang district 31 kms south of Pangandaran. Green canyon located not so far from Batukaras and Nusawiru airport.
Green Canyon is apart of Cijulang river that goes through a cave full of stalactite and stalagmite surrounded by two beautiful green hills.
At the entrance of the cave, lies the Palatar waterfall. The waterfall gives the area cool and fully adventurous atmosphere. Rock climbing, swimming, sailing and fishing are some pastime famous activities in this area.
Boat can be rented at the Ciseureuh dock to reach the area. Green canyon is facilitated with boat docks, parking areas, food stalls, souvenir shops, rest
rooms and other facilities

Lake Lengkong Panjalu

Lake Lengkong Panjalu is like the fusion of instrumental tourist object and culteral tourist. In this object we can watch the beauty of "Situ" (Lake) that has a fresh air with an island in its center which is called "Nusa Larang" (the Island of Larang). In this island, there is the cemetry of Hariang Kencana, the Prince of Hariang Borosngora, the King of Panjalu who made Situ Lengkong (the island of Lengkong, during the war a king of the Panjalu Kingdom).
To respect the Panjalu ancestors' merit, until nowday the members of the Panjalu acestors, the are used to doing kind of traditional ceremony that's called "Nyangku" (clean the creesed). This activity is usually done every month of Maulid by way of cleaning heritage objects that is stored in special place, like museum whis is called "Bumi Alit".
The tourist activity can be done here among other thing are: surrounding the "Nusa" (lake) by row-boat or by motor boat, fishing, camping and the like.
This tourist object located in Panjalu Village (district of Administraline unit). It's about 41 Kms from Ciamis city to the North of Ciamis.

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